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Messy Perfection

I have such an eclectic selection of designs for the near future. Ganesha has spoken. Take a loook all of these different colored graphics, and tell me if you like any of these. If you do, leave a comment  or you can send an email this way. I REALLY am not content yet. These are going to become T-shirts, hoodies, and a few other designs I have in mind.

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Mind Meets Body Face To Face Both So Dissapointed

Vision skewed mind turned to dust

body is aching and beginning to rust

Work is convoluted while pacing here

And there accomplishing little life is so

blatantly unfair

At one point in time friends and family were there

Looking back now nobody really actually cared

Down but never out resiliant to this pain

Screaming out loud this is all just a game


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Come And Go With Me

True Is True I am I And You Are You

I am not a photojournalist, and the intention of this blog to serve as a personal blog is 0. However, aesthetics and design are two significant themes  of content produced, and what the identity of my site is. Looking forward, I want to remove myself from posts as much as possible, and produce content that is aimed to be of use or benefit for my viewers. With that being said, imagery and media  files will be used often to complement what I write. Also, nothing I have posted or will in the future is remotely someone else’s graphics or photography. Any creative works on this site are my own artistic works. There have been a couple people wondering, so I thought it was necessary to say. Take a second to check out  some of my photography of some earthly things!

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Extroversion Vs Introversion From The Perspective Of An INFJ Personality Type

Ignorance Is Bliss

When describing the word introvert most people would say, “An individual who is quiet, shy, reserved, and keeps to themselves.” Those are not necessarily positive or negative000 po 0 attributes, but if one must pick, then in most circumstances they sway to the negative side of the spectrum. An individual is asked, “what does being an extroverted mean?” Their response would be something similar to “A person who is outgoing, talkative, and and personable. ” These descriptions of Introversion and extroversion are facades, and simply inaccurate to the true meanings of the words.

Introversion 101

Let me begin by focusing on the word introversion. Intro- version, in- tro -vers-ion. The true definition of the word is looking inward, or too reflect on ones self. In psychology, being extroverted or introverted is one of the most significant charachteristics that make up the profile of an individual’s personality. The profilic Carl Jung can be given credit for coining these terms. Just reading a synopsis of personality in psychology, there would be the realization that being shy is not a personality trait. Shyness is a learned behaviour, and it can be out grown overtime. Introversion can come across as narcissistic if a person is overly introspective. I already stated the true definition is self reflection, so it is only natural to be self conscious and aware of emotions, thoughts, morals, and values. It can be easily understood then that introverts have a lot too say about themselves. Environment always plays a role in human behaviour. Depending on the circumstances, an introverted person will often not talk because they are either uncomfortable, or just not interested in the discussion. They are well capable of social interaction, however it is taxing to the mind and body.

Opposites Attract

I love being around completely different personalities and energy levels. I have more extroverted friends than introverted. Personal experience has shown for me that extroverts are easier to talk to in most cases. I learn more from them, and being so idealistic I need a few realists in my life for my well-being. Breaking down the roots of the actual word Extro-version ex-tro-vers-ion. It literally means to look externally for stimulus.

Being An Introvert Myself

Personally, I am the purest introvert that one could be, but in certain situations I will conversate for hours on end. That would seem a bit paradoxical to the majority. Understanding that point of view is reasonable though, reading and learning isn’t for everyone. Often, the subject of psychology and psychiatry has been under scrutiny by the masses, and this is well deserved. Take a brief second to look at the horrific history, and the atrocities that took place. Also, the valid criticisms of psychology and psychiatry for being a “Psuedo Science,” for the lack of any hard evidence presented in their theories. More widely accepted now is their conclusions to questions asked, as case studies and research have so vastly advanced over time.


The birth of several generations has occured since Carl Jung passed 60+ years ago. Now it has been recognized by the scientific community that their are exceptions to being one or the other. Two additional hybrids that take from polar oppositeites of the gamete. They have been coined Ambiversion and omniversion. Frequently overlooked, they are what is known as being average or innthe middle. They are equally drained by social interaction, and equally extroverted in different environments. Ambiverts are highly extroverted in exceptionally stimulating environments, and omniverts tend to be extroverted in low stimulating environments.

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To ask for help at Walmart the other day, and every employee ran away from me. They aren’t used to people asking them questions obviously. Amazon has put a good portion of the incompetent employees at that abysmal store back on disability which I guess is better than running away from customers at a workplace. They need to be required to have IQ levels above 70. This is the threshold of mentally handicapped, and certainly some people there are not surpassing 70+IQ. They should have a show on fox news or comedy central of Walmart interviewing potential employees. I would watch.