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The Implications of Sea Level Rise on MacArthur Beach State Park

For all of the global warming deniers, or the ones shrugging it off saying it is not a big deal move to South Florida in a few years. You will be underwater swimming with all of the invasive species. Living in South Florida as an undergrad at the time,I was interested to know about what this place would look like in the not too distant future. I devised a case study focusing on MacArthur Beach State Park. I wanted to make a prediction model based on the accelerated rates of sea level rise each year using the scientific method, data from NOAA, compiling my own data, surveying techniques, GIS, and the implementation of satellite imagery. The prediction model was represented by a timeline from the year 2017-2100. Inputting the data at certain focal points demonstrated the park will be severely inundated by 2050. Devastating habitat loss of the most biodiverse preservation in the state. Protected native species of animals and plants will be nearly wiped out. By 2100, the model shows the park will no longer exist submerged under the ocean. Prediction models are not 100 proof, but they are a useful to give perspective on matters the world is facing.

This image is the depiction of the final results of my case study. With help of a lot of gracious people that are involved in state park services, professors, NOAA, and the collaboration of my peers I was able to bring awareness to the devastating magnitude of global warming.

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