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I have long been an atheist, as I have watched all the Hitchens, Hawkins, and Harris debates over the years. they make powerful arguments against religion and would often make opponents look foolish. They are such incredible orators, I found myself being caught in the wonderful display of wordsmiths slaying for fun instead of taking interest in the overbearing pessimism of their conversations. I recently divulged into learning about Hinduism, and like many westerners have, was lucky enough to be aware of my own ignorance of the religion. I honestly fell in love with it. The dark ages of Hinduism are no worse than the other biblical scriptures. Nobody is arguing that, but the religion aligns quite closely to my own personal beliefs. Ganesha is the most popularized 10th hindu God in the western world because of what Ganesha represents, and how it appears like in the flesh. Americans get Ganesha tattoos all the time, and they look amazing to me if done right. Without reading a line of hindu scripture, they are spreading Hinduism without the intention of doing so.



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