The Implications of Sea Level Rise on MacArthur Beach

Yes, I have heard the arguments against globa warming, and I can’t fathom most of their viewpoints. The miniscule amount of scientists who disagree all point to the same things. They will say “The earth goes through warming and cooling periods naturally and has been for millions of years.” Another favorite saying of this group is ‘Al Gore said 20 years ago we would be underwater right now, and when Al Gore’s data points were proven wrong the man went on to say that he apologizes, it will actually be 20 years from today”. Prediction models of global warming are not 100 proof, they are a useful tool that involves compilations of data based off experimentation using the scientific method. Of course it is not an absolute science. If a person wishes too see with their own eyes the early impact of climate change, then travel to certain regions of the world where it is has already begun to change their environment.

Check out low elevation coastal areas, or go to the arctic where Polar bears are in steep decline due to habitat loss. The accelerated warming of our planet is a product of our own doing I cannot fathom how people exist with doctorate degrees who are confident the amount of carbon emissions released today into the atmosphere has zero causation to the accelaration of global warming. Global warming deniers which is about 4 percent of the scientific community, refuse to accept that the levels of carbon analyzed in our atmosphere is much more than before the burning of fossil fuels.

Certain mainstream news organizations  have been shouting that this global warming nonsense is really just something the other guys use as talking points. I suggest the news anchors to watch the highly successful documentaries depicting massive polar ice caps melting away. The repercussions of these ice caps melting have already begun, and they will continue to melt quicker as the earth keeps warming. . Loss of habitat has now placed many native species at risk of extinction. For instance, polar bears have been migrating greater distances for years now in search of food often unsuccessfully. So, the consensus seems to be that yes the earth is warming. the disagreement seems to arise around the notion that this abnormal warming around the globe is the direct result of humans emitting carbon into our atmosphere.

I am a Floridian who grew up on the beach. I have an innate love for the ocean, and while working at a nature preserve located next to the coast, I had an idea. Having taken the advantage of location, the resources of the university I attended, and skills I developed over the past years allowed for an intense case study where there was no margin for ertor. A nature preserve located in West Palm Beach, Florida is cherished for the diverse species of animals and plants that live there. This park was the focus of my case study. I was curious to learn if the park would still be around another 100 years, of if the park would be under the ocean. Using the scientific method as my approach to get an approximate rate of sea level rise and an estimate of how levels would increase until the year 2100. Analyzing data referenced from N.O.A.A as well as my own data, I gauged approximate levels of sea level rise periodically until 2100. Using Lidar, gis, and overlaying this information onto 3d satellite imagery, It shows with explicit detail the levels of inundation on the park throughout the 21st century. If there is no solution in the near future Florida will be devastated by the end of this century, and that nature preserve will be long gone.The project was submitted into a large database of atmospheric sciences and is considered to be a valuable piece of scientific research.


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